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Belgian Lithcote developed a coating which kills Covid-19!

Belgian company Lithcote Europe, specialized in surface treatments has just developed a product which, once applied, systematically kills bacteria and viruses including Covid-19. 

The product, Lithocide Nanocoat is waterproof and can be applied to different surfaces such as metal, plastic and textile. After being sprayed, it undergoes an UV treatment which makes the product more resistant than a car. This product can be used in many sectors especially in transport and healtcare industry. 

Lithocide Nanocoat is currently subject to testing in a laboratory in the University of Liege. After the tests, product will be commercialised. 

To find out more about Lithocide Nanocoat, please visit Lithocide website.

For all commercial request, please contact the company directly. 

If we can be of assistance, the Wallonia Export-Investment Agency is also at your disposal. Please contact our office in Istanbul.

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