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Investing in Wallonia

Wallonia is a welcoming, successful region full of opportunities. It is the perfect contender for potential investors looking to set up in the heart of Europe and grow their business in a favourable environment.

In the heart of Europe

Wallonia's location is a significant asset for businesses wanting to reach the European market and its 500 million consumers. It is also an innovative, competitive region where men and women can promote their skills, use their expertise and flourish in their work.

Recognised and outstanding human capital

Wallonia has an excellent education network offering high-quality training that meets the needs of a global market and promotes innovation. Businesses that decide to invest in Wallonia can make use of these recognised skills and a workforce whose productivity level is 20% higher than the European average.

Supporting competitiveness

This is also an attractive region in which businesses enjoy an intelligent approach to taxation and an extensive package of financial, social and environmental aid.

A full range of financial incentives makes it easy for new businesses to set up in Wallonia. This financial aid applies primarily to set-up, fit-out, R&D, employment, training and export. To this we can add a range of very generous financial contributions from European programmes. Wallonia also offers a competitive tax system for both businesses and expatriates.

A tradition of openness

Finally, Wallonia is a welcoming region with a perfect combination of hospitality, culture and tradition. It has expertise, high-quality products, modern communications and telecommunications infrastructures and is brimming with universally-recognised natural resources.

Export volumes are constantly increasing in every sector of the economy thanks to the support offered to Walloon export companies; this makes the region one of the largest global exporters per inhabitant.