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Why buy Walloon?

Wallonia has six industries that are organised in competitiveness clusters as part of the regional economic development plan:

Many of the companies in all of these industries have gained international recognition. Some of them are even world leaders in their field. The majority of these companies are SMEs (which make up 95% of the Walloon economic fabric). They are dynamic, flexible and innovative, relying on multilingual sales teams and a highly-skilled workforce.  Wallonia's central position in Europe and the multimodal communication infrastructure also guarantee them fast and JIT delivery conditions.

Alongside industries, in which Wallonia has traditionally been a world leader (iron and steel production, metalwork, glass and heavy chemicals), a new generation of businesses is now emerging. They are oriented towards sectors with high added value and rely on the support of private or university research centres and intense R&D activity in the region.

And this formula has proven quite successful as Walloon exports in these industries have grown by 6.3% on average per annum since 2006. In these sectors, Wallonia's performance is well ahead of the average growth rate (+4.1%) for exports in the EU15 and its four neighbours (Flanders, France, Germany and the Netherlands).


On average, Walloon companies generate 66% of their turnover from exports. That is more than double the percentage in the rest of the European Union. Whether you are buying an industrial, technological or artisan product, buying Walloon brands means you can be assured of the quality of the concept, the design, the just-in-time delivery and the customer relationship. Wallonia's flexible and innovative SMEs (which make up 95% of the region's economic fabric) rely on a highly-skilled workforce and multilingual sales teams.